Dr. Harshant Upadhyaya  (Psychologist)

About Us

Way to Hope provides a safe, confidential and a supportive environment where you can share and address your problems. Ample time is given to every client to open up and be herself/himself. Therapist helps people to move toward to an enriching and fulfilling lifestyle with purpose and quality. All the services that way to hope provides are handled by an expert. Aim is to help you have a stress free and happy life.

Easy Access to Counselling and Psychotherapy

A part from face to face counselling for people in Mumbai, way to hope provides online video counselling option. It is a great way to seek help. It saves time, and individuals can seek help sitting in their own private place without wasting time in travel. It also helps people outside Mumbai to easily connect with the counsellor with a simple appointment.

Who all benefit and how it works?

Way to hope provides counselling and psychotherapy to individual's, couples, children and adolescents. As we target your emotional and mental health, we use various Psychotherapies to help you regain or build confidence, fight your fears, be happier and enhance your performance. Experienced and trained therapist here use CBT – Cognitive behaviour Therapy, BT- Behaviour Therapy, REBT- Rational emotive behaviour therapy and Brief Therapy to name a few. Sessions are scheduled once a week. In some cases the therapist decides it twice a week in the beginning and then moving on to once a week, later once in 10 days. At times Counsellors prefer to work with clients over a small number of highly focused sessions and then to offer an "open door" policy. This means that clients are free to return for more sessions if and when they require them, knowing that there is a reliable professional service available and that they will always be welcomed.

Couples meet with the counsellor in the same way and may use the sessions to better understand how they communicate and react to each others needs. Many couples find attending alternate individual and joint sessions for effectiveness.

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