Dr. Harshant Upadhyaya  (Psychologist)

Fear of failure

Everyone hates to fail, but for some people, failing presents such a significant psychological threat their motivation to avoid failure exceeds their motivation to succeed. This fear of failure causes them to unconsciously sabotage their chances of success, in a variety of ways. The primary problem with addressing a fear of failure is that it tends to operate on an unconscious level .

Signs That You Might Have Fear of Failure
  • Failing makes you worry about what other people think about you.
  • Failing makes you worry about your ability to pursue the future you desire.
  • Failing makes you worry that people will lose interest in you.
  • Failing makes you worry about how smart or capable you are.
  • Failing makes you worry about disappointing people whose opinion you value.
  • You tend to tell people beforehand that you don’t expect to succeed in order to lower their expectations.
  • Once you fail at something, you have trouble imagining what you could have done differently to succeed.
  • You often get last-minute headaches, stomach aches, or other physical symptoms that prevent you from completing your preparation.
  • You often get distracted by tasks that prevent you from completing your preparation which, in hindsight, were not as urgent as they seemed at the time.
  • You tend to procrastinate and "run out of time" to complete you preparation adequately. 
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