Dr. Harshant Upadhyaya  (Psychologist)

Video Counselling

It’s a convenient, time saving and cost effective way in comparison to traditional face to face counselling. Online technologies like Skype and video calling apps have made counselling and psychotherapy accessible to everyone. Way to hope provides  personal online therapy to clients living in Mumbai, India and across the globe.

How can online/video counselling help?

Almost any kind of personal issue can be addressed through online therapy. It can help clients with stress and anxiety problems, depression, relationship issues, career and work-related problems, problems coping with difficult transitions, loneliness, self-confidence issues, family issues, teenagers problems, parenting problems and many others. Phone counselling can also be considered. We provide both short and long-term online counselling in English and Hindi to our clients around the world. Online counselling provides a valuable alternative to face to face therapy for people who want to save the travel time to visit a Psychologist. It also helps those who feel hesitant to seek help by walking in to a counselling room , in a video call they can simply seek help in their own private place.

How to seek online/video appointment

We're online from 9 am to 6pm Mon - Sat .

Request For Video Counselling

We will  get back to you  asap with a confirmed appointment and details of the session.

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